World-class aluminum parts for the transportation sector

World-Class Aluminum Parts for the Transportation Sector


With years of production experience and precision manufacturing tools, PMIT offers high-quality aluminum solutions for the transportation industry, from mill-finished, long-length parts to fully fabricated sections.

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See how PMIT creates customized aluminum parts that match the needs of the transportation sector.

Ingenious Aluminum Solutions for the Transportation Industry


Easy-to-Form Aluminum Material

Not only is aluminum favored over traditional metals for its inherent lightness and high energy absorption, but also its malleability, allowing for easy fabrication to the desired form. Aluminum additionally has high corrosion resistance, enable aluminum-based parts to expose & last longer in diverse weather conditions.

We Make Solutions Based on Your Need

PMIT aims to deliver safe, green, and tailor-made aluminum solutions that directly address your market or industry demands. We provide a comprehensive range of services to help you create exceptional aluminum components for the transport sector, from engineering assistance and alloy research to full-scale production. Your target is our goal.

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We understand the needs of the transport sector and work closely with you to exceed the market’s pressing demands. PMIT aluminum product make transportation, regardless on-tyre or on-rail, become lighter and sturdier, optimize allowable load for efficient transportation.


As your partner in aluminum manufacturing for the transportation industry, our full-service capabilities empower your business to the next level. From fine-tuning existing designs or developing new products optimized for cost and performance requirements, to selecting the perfect alloy for the project, we take care of all your production needs.  Our engineering management & modern equipment will always turn extrusion profile to your desire product, from mill finish to box deliver.

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