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Environmental Sustainability


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Sustainable Sourcing

Our drive for sustainable production begins at material sourcing, where we work with responsible material suppliers in meeting our production needs. We constantly collaborate with our supplier base, ensuring our environmental standards are in common & initiatively maintained even in sourcing.

Clean Production

As a testament to our focus on environmental conservation, we push to minimize our production footprint while benefits from aluminum manufacturing. Daily saving like LED energy-saving lighting until Strategical saving like solar energy, allows us to reduce our carbon emissions while maintaining our high quality standard.

Eco-Friendly Products

Through the proper combination of our sourcing and production strategies, we can offer a comprehensive lineup of eco-friendly aluminum products that change the way we use aluminum.  As supplier stand of PMIT in aluminum fabrication, we hope the eco-friendly production chain start from us & attract more parties to join into the eco product chain.

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Responsible Manufacturing


PMIT commits to its social responsibility by optimal use of our available resources, reducing energy consumption and material waste. We have an effective recycling process in place, reusing all scrap aluminum from the previous production into the new batch, creating a sustainable production model.  

By practicing environmental conservation and sustainable production, we help encourage a circular economy, improve production standards and turn out cost-effective aluminum solutions.

All scrap materials are fully recycled for efficient production and reduced energy consumption

Transparent reporting system for clear environmental performance

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  • Optimize the transportation efficiency & searching for better cleaner alternatives

Complete compliance with local environmental laws

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Sustainability Targets


We value our environment and place great effort in decreasing our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing. Through sustainable production management and eco-friendly material sourcing, we aim to deliver greener aluminum product solutions and continue to inspire the global market towards a cleaner future.

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  • Transition to renewable energy to reduce conventional energy consumption.
  • Develop & Enhance Responsibly Sourcing Management.

Aluminum – The Key to a Progressive Future



Recycling aluminum for further round of production uses 95% fewer resources than creating new metals, making it 100% recyclable.


The lightweight material reduces energy consumption on transportation, minimizing carbon footprint lead to lesser GHG emission.

Strong and Flexible

Aluminum is stronger and more flexible than most metals, merge with its recyclable characteristic makes it ideal replacement metal in future.

Reduced Footprint

Compared to other metals, aluminum production continuously reduces the carbon footprint, fulfilling our environmental responsibility.

Put into new use of scrap aluminum

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