Surface Treatment


Attractive yet Functional Surface Treatment

Whether you’re looking for a simple finish to protect your aluminum products or an elaborate coating to set your brand apart, you can rely on PMIT for affordable and long-lasting surface treatment. Our distinct knowledge about aluminum alloys enables us to use the most ideal finishing materials to complete your aluminum extrusions and fabrications.

Painting and Anodizing


Also known as surface treatment, we paint the aluminum’s surface with a robust selection of top-notch paints and powder coats. We can also add decorations and color through anodizing, giving the surface a luscious finish.

Comprehensive Surface Treatment Options


PMIT invests heavily in our surface treatment process, carefully studying all available options in our material research. Through in-depth analysis of anodizing and painting materials and techniques, we can ensure the compatibility and efficacy of the coatings used in every project. We also conduct regular testing to check for coating adherence, surface reviews, and establishment of surface quality and wear. 


Why We Do Surface Treatments


Aside from giving your aluminum products an appealing look, proper surface treatment increases the product’s resistance to dirt, weathering, and corrosion. It also gives an insulated surface that preserves the metal’s finish.

Workers who perform surface treatment on aluminum
Equipment for efficient coating of small aluminum parts

Efficient Coating for Small Components


For large batches of small parts such as springs, nuts, o-rings, and clips, we utilize rotational machines. The equipment applies an even layer of coating to components, even ones that are fragile and have a complex form. We can coat a large volume of small parts with a small lead-time and control the costs even for minor batches with our equipment.

Gallery Solution


We have completed several surface treatment projects for numerous businesses. Below is a sample of what you can expect from our team.

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