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PMIT: A Trusted Innovator in Aluminum Manufacturing

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We are experts in providing customized full-service aluminum production in the market since 2011. Our comprehensive service lineup includes engineering, extrusion, fabrication, CNC machining, surface treatment, and finishing.

Tailor-Made Aluminum Production for Different Markets

PMIT aim to be the Integral Partner to provide consistent aluminum application engineering solution for customer, & currently servicing in Automotive, Transportation, Marine, Household & other industries. With the strong engineering knowledge & advance tooling in the house, we create a competent & sustaining production line for customer product.

From Upstream to Downstream

Starting as an aluminum extrusion provider in 2005, Press Metal International partnered with PMAHB to develop PMIT, to extend the aluminum fabrication service individually. Since then, we continue to improve and elevate our brand through a strong supply chain, robust experience in the field, and modern  Engineering capability.

Company History

PMIT’s Development Over the Years


In the Beginning

Established in 2011, PMIT was established as a fully-owned subsidiary of Press Metal International located in Foshan Sanshui Industry Park. As the PMI group focuses on the production of aluminum extrusion, PMIT completes the supply chain by dedicating itself to the downstream of the aluminum fabrication. The completion of our production workshop in 2013 allowed us to bolster the domestic industry with our unique aluminum products.

The Growing Years

For years, PMIT has been involved in the development and design of innovative aluminum products and have been recognized for their consistent quality. We obtained the ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 quality system certifications in 2014. Furthermore, we have solidified our position in the industry by passing the national high-tech enterprises certification in 2016. As such, we continue to see success in our projects and affirm how our solutions have transformed businesses.

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Where We're At and Where We're Going

The experience we have gained has allowed our company to grow and expand to global markets, resulting in more successful projects and collaborations. We have over 200 units of precision equipment to help in our automated fabrication process. With strong R&D and quality control facilities, our passionate team commits to developing competitive aluminum products that support multiple applications and ensure safety.

Aluminum production workshop

Where does the Name PMIT Come From?

Borne out of parent company PMI, Press Metal International Technology represents our drive for expansion in technology and service. Always progressing forward, we seek for the next challenge and deliver the most efficient and practical solution.

Maintaining the values that PMI was built, PMIT exhibits the highest quality in everything we do and strives to be better moving forward. We carry on our drive to be bold, innovative, and passionate with our craft, becoming the leading aluminum product manufacturer for wholesalers, retailers, and distributors worldwide.

PMIT Philosophy


PMIT encourages passionate and innovative talents to work together in creating unique aluminum products. Just as we make products eco-friendly and sustainable for end-user benefit, we strive for a work environment that prioritizes safety and care for our team. In our commitment to industry excellence, we value honesty and openness in our pursuit of your trust.


We encourage diverse talents that create unique aluminum fabrication solutions that improve your business.


We meet every promise we make to our clients in ensuring consistent quality.


Beyond production, we offer technical support, marketing advice and discounts that ease your business.


By studying market trends and following sustainability standards, we innovate constantly and produce efficient aluminum parts and products.


We work together to create aluminum fabrication solutions that attract your markets and improve your profits.


With our design capabilities, we personalize every aluminum product to accurately express your brand and draw wider audiences.





We received the national certification for high-tech enterprises.


In our continued drive for excellence, we secured the ISO9001 quality system and ISO/TS16949 automotive industry system certifications.


The company’s manufacturing workshop was completed, fully equipped with the latest production equipment and automated production lines.


Press Metal International Technology, Ltd. was established.



CEO Message

Welcome to PMIT, we are committed to helping you to achieve your goals. Our doors are open to everyone including potential clients and current partners. We continue research and developing in Aluminum Fabrication Service to add value to our services, helping you to be outstanding in your target market. Each of our professional management and fabrication services follows our “clients-first” commitment that will address your requirements as we help you to accomplish the goals.

Be our partner today and see how our expertise in aluminum fabrication can impact your business.

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