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With our years of experience in aluminum fabrication and manufacturing, we understand what materials are needed to create the aluminum alloy for your specific project. Our dedicated design engineers help enhance your concept, turning them into products that can easily mass-produce in a cost-effective, safe, and sustainable way.

Design for Manufacturing Support


PMIT offers comprehensive assistance in innovating and optimizing your product ideas, making sure they meet your standards and function as needed. We review the design profile and required tolerances, seeking effective means to hit the dimensional limits while ensuring the design takes full advantage of our aluminum manufacturing.

Being your reliable business partner, we take extra steps to guarantee that our aluminum products are at the best cost and quality. Our efficient manufacturing processes greatly reduce production timeframes, so you can get your products on the shelf faster and sell them better.

Detailed Technical Advise/Assistance in Aluminum Design


Looking to improve your existing design or desiring a new one for your brand? Our seasoned team of engineers guides you properly in executing your concept and gives helpful assistance on details like the aluminum’s thickness, stresses, surface finish & others.

Limitless Design Possibilities with Aluminum


Whether you want to create an innovative pattern or a unique design, everything is possible with aluminum extrusion and fabrication. Simply tell us what you need, either screw ports, channels, snap-fit locks, decorative trims, friction patterns, grooves, or anti-slip surfaces, and we can implement it in your aluminum project.

Why Work with PMIT


PMIT has been consistently delivering exceptional aluminum products to the global market since 2011. Our skills in designing practical proposal and effective engineering control on aluminum products for different industries are seen in our countless projects and satisfied clients.


We can create innovative plan or fine-tune your existing designs to meet cost and performance requirements  as committed for optimal result. As we own the production chain within the campus, we utilize the latest manufacturing tools and employ the strictest standards to produce high-quality aluminum products.

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