Occupational Health and Safety

Comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Management System


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No Room for Compromise

Maintaining a healthy and safe working environment is important to PMIT, never leaving any room for compromise in securing the well-being of our team and partners. As such, we implement a detailed occupational health and safety management system as a strict guideline for our facility and network locations.

Leading by Example

At PMIT, we believe in setting the example for everyone to follow, and this is applied in both our production and health and safety. Demonstrating responsible manufacturing, we secure the required paperwork, as well as monitor best practices in regulating a healthy and safe workplace for our team. We utilize the latest tools in incident management, self-assessment systems, and risk management processes in developing our streamlined safety protocols.

Building a Zero-Injury Workplace

With our occupational health and safety management system in place, we aim to have zero injuries or illnesses within our facility. Not only does this keep our team from harm, but it also ensures consistent production and improved work quality.

Occupational Health


Through careful study of risk assessments, our optimized occupational health management system covers our team’s physical, chemical, and psychosocial well-being. These include:

Reduction of noise in the workplace
Facility-wide health and socialization programs
Detailed guidelines over handling hazardous materials
Improvement of the production process to prevent physical disorders

Occupational Safety


Safety and positive work behavior are the top priorities at the PMIT facility, and preventing injuries or harm is our constant goal. Taking risk management data, we apply preventive and responsive measures to critical safety concerns in the workplace.

Contractor management
Mobile equipment
Molten metal safety
Fall prevention
Shaking hands with customers
A Thriving Workplace

Care for People, Invest in Our People


To create a productive work environment, we regularly conduct training and team building exercises that enhance our camaraderie and efficiency as a team. For maintaining safety, we regularly inspect our workplace. We create a caring environment for our employees to motivate them further to excel.

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