Taking Care of
Our People and the Environment

PMIT strives in providing expert aluminum products and solutions while minimizing environmental impact through optimized production strategies and efficient management systems.


Environmental Response


The implementation of our post-consumer aluminum recycling greatly reduces the product waste generated by post-consumer aluminum scraps. This allows us to re-integrate the scraps into the production process, providing an unlimited energy bank that invigorates the circular economy.

We also practice proper energy conservation and maintaining the proper temperature in our workshops, requiring less energy for cooling systems. Our smart manufacturing process aids us in bringing down greenhouse emission.

Occupational Health and Safety Standards



We place great value in our workforce. As such, we developed an all-inclusive occupational health and safety management system that sees implementation in our facility. A combination of a healthy environment, application of digital tools, and effective practice of health management lower occupational health risks in our facility improving production rates and overall morale.

Staff operating production equipment
Staff operating production equipment


At PMIT, ensuring the safety of our team and contractors is a top priority, and creating a safe workplace allows us to establish an ideal environment for production. Each incident is taken seriously, taking note of root causes and develop appropriate responses to avoid these issues to occur again.

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