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Premier Aluminium Parts for Automotives


As Aluminum parts plays important role in reduce emission through lightweight, PMIT provide distinguish engineering capability in supply Automotive parts for vehicle manufacturer. While ensuring the product fulfill all basic requirement, the Sustainability Development always the concern to work together with the Automotive industry.

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Discover how our range of high-quality and lightweight aluminum parts and products can cater to your needs.

Ingenious Aluminum Solutions for the Automotive Industry


Strong and Lightweight Material

Compared to traditional materials used in manufacturing cars, aluminum offers superior strength and tolerance while being lightweight and easy to fabricate. Vehicles with aluminum parts are shown to perform better and consume less fuel, reducing harmful emissions.

Going Aluminum for Automotive Solutions

When it comes to creating impactful and sustainable automotive solutions, PMIT has everything under one roof. PMIT engineer and produces a complete range of aluminum components for vehicles using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment made from expertly fabricated aluminum extrusion profile. From stable vehicle frames with high stress and weight tolerance, to tight chassis to keep everything together,   PMIT aluminum fabrication solution to meet the demand.

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Why Work with PMIT


More than just a dependable source of aluminum fabrication products, PMIT commits itself as a partner in addressing your needs for the automotive industry. With years of experience in creating practical aluminum solutions, we can engineer various vehicle parts, from aluminum profiles to complete chasses. We can also innovate the existing designsto extend it to distinct edge compared to the peers.


By having support from seasoned engineers, manufacturing, fabrication, and assembly work in-house, we optimize production costs while ensuring our established standards are maintained throughout the production process. Based on your project demands, we select the best alloys for the task and temper them to meet the required performance standards. Our full-service manufacturing facility consist the modern equipment for precision CNC machining and surface treatment, allowing us to achieve tolerance requirements through cost-effective fabrication techniques.

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