Quality Control

Dedicated to Superior Quality Control

Staff conducting quality inspection

Committed to the Highest Quality

As we continue to assist our clients to impact the industry, we honor the fact of adhering to strict quality manufacturing to deliver exceptional aluminum products. The implementation of a comprehensive quality control system, along with the competitive strategy in the business management, allows us to adhere to this commitment to quality.

Consistent Quality Supply

Providing the market with aluminum products that meet and exceed their demands in quality, durability, consistency, and aesthetics is at the heart of what we do. Through routine quality checks from material selection to final inspection, we make sure that you only receive the best aluminum products from our warehouse consistently.

A Cut Above the Rest

We are never satisfied with just passing the acceptable marks, but always striving to raise the bar and setting a new standard in aluminum product, manufacturing, and sourcing. Continuous development and technical innovation, as well as dedication to the craft, ensures we always stay on top of the industry.

Automated quality inspection systems Entire Quality Inspection System
Real-time plant floor reporting system Real-Time Plant Floor Reporting System
Operational audit programs Operational Audit Programs
Data-driven management information setup
Continued focus and PDCA on completing specific requirements
Skilled Staff development & assessment

Quality certification standards


In our effort to provide exceptional aluminum products and unparalleled service, we secured national and international certifications from reputable names in the industry. These standards are what our facility upholds every day, ensuring top-notch production and premium products.

Quality system accreditation
Quality system accreditation
Advanced Quality Equipment For Every Inspection

In-House Quality Lab for Critical Measurements

Our laboratory has high-end instruments that capable to monitor the performance of dimension, surface performance, mechanical property, chemical composition & others. With superior quality control technology in our disposal, we verify the performance of our products and validate their ability to provide you long-lasting service.

Measuring Quality
In Every Stage


To race against time & cost, we use certified material & order procedure to Build the Quality.

PMIT receives aluminum material only it is quality validated, ensure the quality building from the start.

Utilizing the latest hardware and software in the industry, we pay close attention to every detail and identify inconsistencies as early as material sourcing.

To continuously monitor over progression, we use quality control documentation to track & trace quality building throughout every step.

The completed products undergo a series of tests to confirm durability and review the packaging before sending it out for shipment.

Staff conducting quality inspection
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Stand-Out Quality Assurance

Traceability and Certification


Traceability is provided by serial numbers on each aluminum surface or on the packing, allowing us to trace the production batch if one is found interest with. Our EMS Traceability System allows us to  automatically collect process data, monitor indicator for future reference.

Why Work with PMIT?

PMIT’s advanced technology and technical expertise have allowed us to create innovative aluminum fabricated products that are catered to any application.

Our Certification

  • ISO9001 quality management system certificate
  • IOS45001 occupational health and safety system certification,
  • ISO14001 environmental system certification
  • BV MⅡCertificate
  • FSC certification
  • OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system certification
  • AEO Enterprise certificate
  • AEO high certificate
  • ISO/TS16949 automotive industry quality management system

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