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Aluminum transportation industry products

Endless Possibilities with High-Grade Aluminum Products


With its flexible and lightweight properties, aluminum is the preferred material of choice for industrial and consumer market applications. PMIT is the leading manufacturer of aluminum products in the industry, producing tailor-made products based on your specific needs.

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Discover how our range of high-quality and lightweight aluminum parts and products can cater to your needs.

Aluminum Solutions for General Engineering


Aesthetically-Pleasing and Durable Material

The adaptive nature of aluminum opens doors to diverse design opportunities, from selecting the appropriate colors to applying textured finishes. Underneath the astonishing surface, the metal properties gives the good corrosion resistance & high durability for minimal daily maintenance.

Imagination is the Limit with Aluminum Products

Aluminum’s inherent flexibility and malleability allow manufacturers to transform impressive designs into reality even to pursuit the most complicated shapes. Aluminum product able to engineer to the easier-to-install, to optimize the product usage & make sure it is user-friendly And with the material’s lightweight nature, moving aluminum products is always hassle-free.

Aluminum transportation industry products

Why Work with PMIT


When it comes to manufacturing aluminum products for machinery, industrial design, medical use, and general engineering, PMIT’s expertise and experience are your best choice. Our aluminum products meet the international certifications and adaptively suit the industry’s specific needs.


The PMIT skilled experts exemplify years of manufacturing experience and a wealth of product knowledge through specialized design and production based on your specific budget and performance requirements. Our full-service manufacturing process handles material selection, fabrication, and testing under one roof. Our strong engineering team & manufacturing capability always make availability for your production requirement in term of time or budget.

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