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Oct 06
Information Security: The PMIT’s Invisible Shield

In this era of information, the importance of information security is self-evident. Whether it is customer data, trade secrets, or …

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May 05
PMIT was awarded the “Quality Supplier of Body and Interior and Exterior Parts”

With the ongoing trend towards smart and lightweight automobiles in the global market, automotive manufacturers are constantly striving to develop …

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May 05

With the arrival of May, the Shanghai Auto Show came to a successful end. We would like to extend our …

Feb 14
Together With PMIT: Explore the Significant Applications of Aluminum Alloy

Every morning when we wake up and start a day of life and work, there is always something like an …

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Dec 09
PMIT was awarded the honorary title of High Quality Supplier for Automotive Power Battery Components by Gasgoo

The global electric vehicle industry is in the fast lane, and the power battery, as the heart of the electric …

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Jun 23
Discover PMIT Management Trainee Program

We all know that people are different, in our sustainability development, our Management Trainee Program gives a foundation for a …

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