Efficient and Consistent Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Offering endless design possibilities for diverse markets, our custom aluminum extrusions recognized of high accuracy tolerances, consistent quality, and ideal finishes for your preferred industry. We achieve these results through the rich knowledge with summarized experience, hard-working expert engineer with good machine under well supportive management.




Punching CNC M/C

Max. Size


Main Axis

BT 40, 4 Axis



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You can see how we can make a difference from the previous CNC machining tasks we undertook throughout the years.

Aluminum Extrusions Tailor-Made for You


Our production line designed to be robust & precise, always ready for your needs to be real. The extrusion press equipped modern extrusion with well supportive facilities, which could ensure aluminum product achieve the quality peak & maintain there during mass production. As our presses structure is wide & productivity is rich, we could complete your order request confidently compare to our peers.

Why Work with PMIT


PMIT’s aluminum expertise and high production capabilities help you save time and money while boosting your brand with our exceptional aluminum extrusions. From custom heat sinks, t-slots, and other crucial parts requiring aluminum extrusion, we have the right tools and skills to get the job done.

Our full-service manufacturing process covers all aspects of aluminum extrusion production under one roof: design, material selection, extrusion, CNC machining, surface treatment, and assembly. We take care of all your needs, ensuring you get your aluminum extrusions within a short timeframe and at the lowest rates.

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