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Low-Maintenance Aluminum Fabricators for Marine Vehicles


The marine industry is shifting to aluminum over traditional metals due to its weight-saving, corrosion-resistant, fire protection properties & other criteria. PMIT leads the market in delivering premium aluminum parts that are made specifically for marine vehicles.

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See how our expertise and efficient fabrication capabilities address the growing needs of the marine market.

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Premium Aluminum Products

Keeping in mind the distinct needs of the marine industry, we manufacture aluminum components that match these demands. Our premium aluminum offerings, consist of the 5 & 6 series aluminum alloy, suitable for every parts of marine application from inner to outer.

We are Expert Aluminum Fabricators

Whether you need standard or specialized aluminum parts, we got you covered. Our industry expertise and unmatched experience ensure that the surface quality, process tolerances, and other requirements are fully industrial-satisfied with short lead times.

Fresh Solutions for the Marine Industry

PMIT’s aluminum products improve the performance of marine vehicles by reducing weight and requiring minimal maintenance. With our specialists and engineers work consistently & continuously to develop new solutions for the marine vehicle industry, you are sure to get the freshest products in the market.

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With the latest aluminum products and deep manufacturing capabilities, PMIT inspires the shift towards the use of aluminum for marine vessels, yachts, ferries, and leisure crafts. Our expertise in the field guarantees high-quality aluminum products that boast high corrosion resistance and decrease energy consumption.

The PMIT team provides full-service aluminum manufacturing, from optimize new engineering designs or updating your current ones, to provide you the cost-effective production that satisfy the performance requirement. We deploy a range of top-notch equipment for fabrication,  CNC machining, and surface treatment of aluminum production, along with deep research capabilities to select the ideal aluminum alloy for your project.  The automated assembly line options available for large volume order with time constraint project.

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