All-in-One Aluminum Fabrication Solution

One-Stop Aluminum Solution is our way to treat your project, that your desire product is our production goal. Within our production chain, our equipment capable to transform from material to your desire product through our complete production chain. One good complete service is enough for efficiency satisfication.




Punching CNC M/C

Max. Size


Main Axis

BT 40, 4 Axis



Perfectly-Formed Aluminum


The aluminum product start from extrusion where the good quality start from. Our modern extrusion press enable to extrude complex design of profile, for special application of yours. Meanwhile the various size & capacities, provide not just technical quality but also delivery confidence to your project.

Solution Gallery


You can see how we can make a difference from the previous CNC machining tasks we undertook throughout the years.

Further Machining


Machining is one of the essential fabrication to transform the extruded profile to applicable product. Our various machining equipment covers from short length of component size, up to long length of structural size. To fulfill different industry’s needs, we equipped ourselves with the longest CNC length of 12m, to provide fabrication service not just the technical difficulty also the delivery. Our long-length CNC machine able to complete full fabrication in single operation loop, saving labor time as well as your project time.

Cutting and Punching


We can cut small sections from the original aluminum extrusion with incredible accuracy. Our precise saw equipment can cut lengths from 15mm to 12,000mm as well as the width and height of 215×150, 240×135, 200×200, and 600×50.

PMIT has different stations that punch through thick materials with a nominal force of 25, 63, 80, 110, 120, 125 and 160 tons, a max stroke of 450mm, and max distance from movable beam to worktable of 3000mm. Operating our hydraulic press is our knowledgeable and skillful technicians who are trained to achieve your specifications as accurately as possible.

Precision Forming and Bending


We turn aluminum extrusions into customized three-dimensional shapes through the combination of bending and forming. In the hands of our seasoned engineers, we use these precision tools to accurately shape the aluminum and achieve our project goals.

Long-Part Profile Machining


Long-part aluminum profiles can reach up to 12 feet and see great use in multiple industries, including medical equipment, automotive accessories, storage systems, sporting goods, furniture, and construction. However, due to its longer frame, this could pose a challenge for small-scale CNC machining centers to properly manage the profile.

PMIT’s manufacturing facility has optimized CNC machining centers that process long-part profiles of up to 12m in a single operation. Our adaptive setup greatly reduces machining time, completing orders at shorter timeframes while reducing production costs.

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