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Rapid Full-Service Assembly

An Aluminum Solution Partner rather than a aluminum
products manufacturer, we provide a complete range of services that aim to
complete your project experience. From packaging and logistics to after-service
support, our value-added services help you save time and money.

All Your Manufacturing Needs in One Roof


PMIT is your partner in streamlining your supply chain operations with our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities for specific aluminum parts to entire product lines. We assist in engineering management, extrusion and fabrication, surface treatment, and assembly, so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Responsive Customer Service


Carefully packaged aluminum products

Not only limited to being your source for aluminum products, but our team is also always available to listen to your recommendations and provide timely advice to improve your products. Constantly searching for the best solutions for your concerns, your dedicated project manager keeps you updated on the project status and addresses all your needs.

To maintain the consistency of your products, we conduct assembly in a controlled working environment. We also perform regular inspections and relevant testing, ensuring the quality meets our established standards.

technical and application development support
specialized engineering teams at R&D centers
Seasoned experts to follow up the complete delivery

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