Precision CNC Machining

PMIT honor the CNC value adding on the long-part aluminum profile fabrication therefore we provide the CNC service to handle the 12m length profile. High efficiency & lead time constraint enlighten us to develop & continuous research on multi-axial fabrication to One-Stop fabricating long length profile.




Punching CNC M/C

Max. Size


Main Axis

BT 40, 4 Axis



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You can see how we can make a difference from the previous CNC machining tasks we undertook throughout the years.

Complex CNC Machining with Passion and Consistency


With seasoned engineers that have deep fabrication experience and top-notch CNC machining equipment, we provide precision CNC machining services for simple and complex fabrication requests. Whether you need extruded aluminum prototypes, assembled parts, or finished components, our tools and expertise will always satisfy your demands.

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