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We commit to delivering expertly-crafted industrial solutions for aluminum fabrication and processing sure to fit any market or application.

Exceptional Capabilities
For Turnkey Solutions


Take our advance manufacturing capability to turn your unique concepts into marketable aluminum parts.






Surface Treatment



Industries We Cover


PMIT manufactures exceptional custom-designed aluminum parts for a diverse range of markets and industries.



We produce lightweight and sturdy aluminum products, furious modern automotive with NON-FERROUS metal.



Our line of aluminum alloy parts is specifically engineered to have extreme durability, perfect for heavy-duty commercial vehicles.



Advance the performance of marine vehicles with our lightweight aluminum products that features great corrosion resistance and require minimal maintenance.

General Engineering

General Engineering

Aluminum application found in daily lifestyle, PMIT always ready for your support. Regardless application sector of machinery, industrial design, medical use or general engineering, we provide custom-made for your need with recognized certification.

We are Engineering
in your product chain.


Tailor-made solutions for your specific business needs, PMIT provide you not just NPI yet improve your existing product line.

Aluminum production workshop

Reliable Material from Parent Company

Sourcing materials from our parent company, Press Metal International, Ltd., you’re your product guaranteed from the starting.

  • Develop specialized alloys based on your needs
  • Fast Sourcing
  • Complete manufacturing service, from casting to surface treatment

Broad Machining Capabilities

We work with over 200 precision modern equipment with fully-functioning automated processing, along with years of expertise in aluminum fabrication.

  • Wider production option include machining, finishing, packing until sustaining
  • Automated production line for Mass Production
  • Continuous improvement for smarter, sustaining production

In-House Systematic Management

Having the entire manufacturing process in-house ensures we follow strict guidelines backed by ISO9001 and IATF16949 certifications.

  • Intensive QC System
  • Complete certifications from reputable bodies
  • Traceable production process

Why Choose PMIT?

With a proven track record of satisfied clients and dedication to providing the best aluminum products to the market, PMIT’s capabilities are second to none.

Quality Control

Full implementation of strict quality control standards from sourcing to production.


30,000 sq. m. facility outfitted with the modern workshops and the latest equipment.


National and international certifications guarantee top-notch production standards.


Committed to environmental protection, we practice sustainable sourcing and clean production.

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